Who We Are

A Practical Consultancy

Forward Collective is a specialty design and strategy hybrid that helps creatives develop a strong pathway for success.

Our capabilities encompass a range of marketing, business and management services supported by our three main divisions: Forward Strategy, Forward Trade & Forward Exposure.

At Forward Collective, we take an individualised approach to each client. Every solution is formulated through comprehensive listening, research, analysis, forecasting and discussion of the business’s internal and external state.

Forward Strategy

Our key expertise.

We are highly experienced in helping new brands start, develop, & sustain a creative business.

Whether you’re beginning, emerging, or established, we have a tailored solution for you.

We assist in identifying a clear overview of the behaviour and needs of your target consumers and develop a long term connection with a recognisable symbol that is your brand. We help with providing a comprehensive approach to industry best practices & market strategies that work.

A consulting practice that is empathetic, professional and yields long term benefit.

See our case study for: Jonathan Liang

Forward Trade

sales and distribution

From trade-shows & showrooms to major stockists and specialty boutiques, we assist your business by developing and maintaining avenues of distribution for your products.
Forward Trade will work towards expanding all our brands into their relevant markets internationally to generate sales, minimise costs, & maximise profits.

Business Development

We take great ideas, refine them and make it reality.

Our extensive sourcing capabilities expand into the Asia Pacific & Europe, where we help you reduce costs, maintain quality, & meet budget expectations.

Forward Trade helps you source, produce and deliver.

Forward Exposure

COLLABORATION is an indispensable aspect of the work we carry out at Forward Exposure. With a network of contacts in the fashion, publishing, & entertainment industries, we are more than capable of developing press and the outreach that your designs deserve.

On top of traditional print and digital media, we engage in brand partnerships. We have worked with UNIQLO, Asia’s Next Top Model, Naf Naf Paris, Lane Crawford, Mercedes Benz, Shiseido, & HTC in various past and ongoing collaborative projects to further expand our clients’ brand exposure.

Digital Marketing

At Forward Collective, we recognise the increasing importance of a digital presence for any contemporary brand.

Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM), we work to drive maximum organic and paid search engine visibility & maintain active relationships with the digital fashion community. We ensure your brand is relevant and exposed to the right market.

If social marketing is the name of the game, our extensive experience across TikTok, Instagram, Wechat, Weibo and Facebook can help develop and engage the community you’re after. We help you target the right audience, with the right content mid to drive you rgoals.

We have extensive skills in managing your website project – developing a website that aligns with your creative needs & ensuring you remain competitive with your digital channels.

additional services

Have an idea but don’t know how to execute it? We can find the solution for you.

Imaging & Photography

We work constantly with various industry professionals – photographers, models, hair & make-up artists and stylists to ascertain quality editorials and look books and imagery to hone your brand’s aesthetics. From name cards to websites, we ensure all point of client touch points are consistent

Business Registrations

Starting a business involves various administrative tasks such as tax, trademarking, licensing and other Legal issues.

At FWC we deal with these obligations for you, allowing you to focus on your designs while keeping you informed. We can help you develop a durable information system and database that will scale as you will scale

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